About us

About us

our history

Our company, Società Agricola Tre Querce, was born in 2013 with the purchase of land in Magliano in Toscana, small town located in Tuscany. Thus began our activity, starting from the recovery of the old olive grove and the re-cultivation of the arable land, both abandoned for many years. We continue our journey with the construction of the company center and with the purchase of the machines and the first tools. Furthermore, we increase the olive grove surface with the planting of about 700 olive trees, among the typical varieties of Tuscany. In 2021 we start a small beekeeping business that allows us to also produce good Tuscan honey. Our company also includes a forest adjacent to the arable land, which allows biodiversity to be increased and preserved throughout the company area and provides an intact environment for our bees.

Who are we?

Our names are Viviana and Michele, who share a passion for rural life!

What are the methods used for your productions?

Since the beginning of our activity and for all our products, we have adhered to the organic cultivation method, respecting the regulations with the aim of producing highly wholesome foods, operating in a compatible and sustainable way for the environment. Furthermore, we adhere to the Tuscan Olive Oil IGP production disciplinary.

What varieties of olives do you grow?

We have an old olive grove of about 100 trees and another 700 olive trees planted in 2016, all chosen from the typical Tuscan varieties: frantoio, leccino, moraiolo, maurino, correggiolo and pendolino.

What products do you sell?

Currently, we are dedicated to the enhancement of the farm products, cereals and olives, which are processed and transformed by Tuscan companies of our trust for the production of pasta, oil and patè, while our bees produce an aromatic wildflower honey.

We have also selected high quality Tuscan products for you, such as sauces and condiments, excellent to try with our pasta.

And in the near future?

In the future, we will continue to dedicate ourselves to the production of oil, honey and pasta. We aim to increase the company area and the number of hives, to increase the quantity of products to offer you. Furthermore, we would like to be able to produce sauces with our company raw materials.


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